Takacat Quick Release Wheels

USD $189.00

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The Takacat’s unrivaled portability is one of our favorite features, and the Takacat quick release wheels are the ultimate accessory to expand that capability!

Installation is easy, simply mount the wheels upright and you are all set!

Whether you are inflating your takacat in the parking lot, or in a park and wheeling your vessel to the boat launch, you’ll be happy to have these easy to install and use wheels!

Important Notes:
The wheels do not fit upright on the T420LX or T460LX. The shafts are not long enough to accommodate the wider hull diameter, causing the wheels to either rub or not fit.

Please also note that if you are planning on using the quick release wheels with an outboard motor that is over 15HP, the wheels or wheel brackets on the lower transom may bend. The best solution for avoiding this issue is to upgrade to the HD Transom for your Takacat  inflatable boat.