Unleash Your Adventurous Spirit

with Takacat Lite X

Introducing the Flagship Model of Takacat

The Takacat LX boasts a unique and revolutionary catamaran dinghy design that sets it apart from the rest. As an inflatable tender, its stability and portability are simply unmatched, making it the ultimate choice for water enthusiasts.

Ultra – Stable

Whether you encounter choppy waves or turbulent conditions, rest assured that your Takacat tender will provide an ultra-stable platform, enhancing your marine adventures like never before.

Ultra – Light

Immerse yourself in the realm of extraordinary lightweight performance with Takacat’s innovative design. Ultra-light construction redefines the standards for sailboat tenders, offering unmatched maneuverability and effortless handling.

Ultra – Modular

Experience the exceptional versatility of Takacat’s modular design, whether you desire additional seating, storage compartments, or specialized equipment. Effortlessly adjust to meet your unique preferences and requirements.

9 Distinctive Traits

Unique Open Bow

Takacat’s unique open bow design ensures safety and convenience during entry and exit. The inflatable high-pressure air floor provides a remarkably stable surface for easy onboarding and offboarding, whether it’s from land or water.

Inner and Outer Grab Lines

Designed with your safety and comfort in mind, Takacat features inner and outer grab lines, allowing you to have secure handholds and find a comfortable seating position anywhere on the boat. Additionally, these grab lines and d-rings serve a dual purpose, providing not only a reliable pickup point for most davit systems but also ensuring easy and hassle-free onboarding and offboarding from your boat.

Non-Skid PVC Deck

The air deck floor features a non-skid PVC that serves multiple purposes. Firstly, it provides a rigid and slip-free surface, ensuring both structural integrity and enhanced portability. Additionally, this air deck floor is ultra UV stabilized, which means it remains resistant to chalkiness over time. For added versatility, the T340LX and above models come with a fin, enabling you to use the floor as a convenient Stand Up Paddle Board whenever desired.

Open Transom

With the open transom and raised floor of your Takacat, you can enjoy a water-free and dry experience onboard. This clever design prevents water from entering the boat, and in the rare event that some water does find its way in, it will effortlessly drain out the back.

Halkey-Roberts Fill Valve

For quick and dependable inflation and deflation, Takacat boats feature the Halkey-Roberts fill valve. This advanced valve system ensures efficient and hassle-free setup and takedown.

Pressure Relief Valve

Equipped with pressure relief valves, which act as a safeguard against over-pressurization when exposed to intense sunlight. You can have peace of mind knowing that your Takacat is designed to handle various weather conditions while maintaining optimal performance and safety.

Stern Lifting Handle

Takacat models boast a convenient lifting handle located at the stern, allowing for effortless portage, even when a lightweight outboard motor is still attached. While lifting handles are available at all corners and in the center, these rear-mounted handles are particularly useful for easy maneuverability and transport. Whether you’re carrying it alone or with a companion, you’ll appreciate the added convenience provided by these specially designed handles at the back of the boat.

Fixed Oarlocks Built In

With fixed oarlocks, your Takacat ensures quick accessibility of the oars. You can easily stow them away when not in use and have them ready at a moment’s notice. Additionally, the LX Series is specifically designed to facilitate effortless rowing, making it a breeze for a single person to navigate the waters with ease.

Puncture-Resistant Rubber

Your Takacat is equipped with heavy-duty, puncture-resistant rubber under-tube protection, providing exceptional durability and ease of beaching and transport. This protective feature ensures that you can confidently land your boat on various surfaces without worrying about potential damage. Whether you’re navigating rocky shores or transporting your boat to different locations, our rubber under-tube protection guarantees a reliable shield against punctures and abrasions.

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